April 9, 2014

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Tom Guild files for 5th District Congress


Okla. City—Democrat Tom Guild filed paperwork today with the State Election Board, formalizing his candidacy for Oklahoma’s Fifth District U.S. House of Representatives seat. Guild, who has been actively campaigning for more than a year, said he remains the only candidate in the contest ready to represent the interests of all citizens in the district, including the middle class—not just the wealthy, the connected, and special interests.


“Oklahomans are concerned about quality education, but they’ve had no voice in Washington,” Guild said. “Oklahomans want to preserve and protect Social Security and Medicare, but they’ve seen the very existence of those programs threatened. They don’t want government interfering with the right of women to make their own health and intimate personal decisions, but the majority party in the House attempts to do that at every turn. It’s long past time that the 5th District had a Representative who will stand up to tea party puppets, stand with the people, and represent the working class,” he said.


Guild, a legal studies, business, and political science professor emeritus and life-long educator, won more than 97,500 votes when he ran for Congress in 2012—more than any Democrat in more than two decades. He has spent the past year meeting and talking to ordinary Oklahomans in the district, visiting more than 14,700 homes, and attending numerous rallies, meetings, parades, and other events. “We have been working at this for more than a year and fighting for the middle class, while others sat comfortably on the sidelines, and refused to confront the soon to be ex-congressman in our district,” Guild said.


The Guild campaign today also released its first television commercial, that will be distributed widely on social media and later in broadcast media: http://youtu.be/dVSHYPERLINK


For more information about Tom Guild’s campaign, please see www.guildforcongress.com.